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      "Till I'm sure I don't want him!" sang the girl.

      At the head of one rode General Brodnax. Hearing Hilary among his staff he sent for him and began to speak of Mandeville, long gone to Richmond on some official matter and daily expected back; and then he mentioned "this fellow Grant," saying he had known him in Mexico. "And now," he concluded, "he's the toughest old he one they've got."He broke in upon her with a cry, the cry of a man who sees a glimmer of light through darkness.

      "You mean--his?" asked the absorbed embroiderer. But on her last word she stiffened upward with a low cry of agony, shut her eyes and swung her head as if about to faint. Flora had risen.

      The boy's partner was Victorine. Before she could gasp he had kissed her. Amid a laugh that stopped half the dance he waved one farewell to sister, grandmother and all and sprang away. "Dance on, fellows," called Hilary, "this means only that I'm going with you." The lads cheered and the dance revived.

      Permit me to thank you, Mr. Howard, he said, for the great service you have rendered us. I am one of her majestys commissioners, and it will be my pleasant duty to bring your gallant conduct, and that of your brave followers, under the notice of the authorities.


      She smiled up to him.



      As she spoke, confused and abashed, she put her foot on the lowest step of the rock-stairs and was going to hurry up the cliff. But Lyrcus seized her and hurling her behind him so that he concealed her with his own body, shouted sternly to his companions: